Stage III tissue-culture

Vitro Westland is a leading tissue-culture company having acquired a great deal of experience in the augmentation of various plants such as perennials, potted plants and cut flowers since 1987.
Vitro Westland makes tissue-cultures for a variety of Future Plants items as listed below.
It is possible to order stage III plantmaterial when you are a non-license holder. You will then have to pay a royalty amount to Vitro Westland for every tissue-culture you purchase. When you are a license holder you can order the tissue-cultures and pay the royalties to us on the plants you have been able to resell. You can contact us, or Vitro when you are interested. 

You can also order your stage III Meristeem at Vitro Westland.

 PLANTVARIETY (all varieties listed below are owned by Future Plants) 
Allium Summer Beauty
Asclepia tuberosa Firelight
Astantia hybr. Florence
Astilbe chinensis Vision in White
Astilbe chinensis Little Vision in Purple
Astilbe chinensis Little Vision in Pink
Astrantia hybr. Venice ™
Astrantia hybr. Snowstar ™
Astrantia hybr. Roma ™
Campanula percifolia La Bonne Amie
Campanula percifolia La Belle
Campanula percifolia La Bello
Cimicifuga Queen of Sheba
Crocosmia Jackanapes
Delphinium Merel
Echinacea purpurea Jade ™
Echinacea purpurea Fatal Atraction ™    
Echinacea purpurea Vintage Wine ™
Echinacea purpurea Virgin ™
Echinacea purpurea Green Jewel ™
Echinacea purpurea Spiderman
Echinacea purpurea Profusion
Epimedium Pink Elf ™
Epimedium Madam Butterfly ™
Epimedium Amber Queen ™
Epimedium Fire Dragon ™
Erodium Freedom
Eupathorium Baby Joe
Eupathorium Phantom
Geranium cinereum Purple Pillow ™
Geranium cinereum Thumping Heart ™
Geranium cinereum Indy Red
Geranium phaeum Springtime ™
Geum hybr. Flames of Passion
Heuchera Chantily
Heuchera Hercules
Heuchera Anouks Beauty
Hibiscus Fantasia ™
Hibiscus Fireball ™
Hibiscus Kopperking ™
Hibiscus Plum Crazy ™
Hibiscus Old Yella ™
Hibiscus Robert Fleming
Hibiscus Royal Gem
Ligularia hybr. Little Rocket ™
Melitis Royal Velvet Distinction ™
Monarda R Red Lace
Papaver orientalis Matador
Percicaria amplexicauli Blackfield ™
Percicaria amplexicauli Fat Domino ™
Phlomis tuberosa Klein
Primula Francesca
Rodgersia Dark &alt0154
Salvia pratense Pink Delight ™
Salvia pratense Rapsody in Blue ™
Salvia pratense Eveline ™
Salvia pratense Bicolor
Salvia vert. Endless Love
Sedum hybr. Yellow Xenox
Sidalcea hybr. Little Princess
Silene rubotii Rolly's Favorite
Tiarella Timbuktu
Verbascum Blue Pixie
Verbascum White Pixie
Verbascum Apricote Pixie
Verbascum Pink Pixie
Veronica longfolia Pink Eveline