Unrooted cuttings

Florexpo is a global leader in the production and distribution of perennial unrooted cuttings, based in Paraíso, Costa Rica. Florexpo makes cuttings for a variety of Future Plants items.
It is possible to order unrooted cuttings when you are a non-license holder. You will then have to pay a royalty amount to Florexpo for every cutting you purchase. When you are a license holder you can order the unrooted cuttings and pay the royalties to us on the plants you have been able to resell. You can contact Florexpo when you are interested. 
Future Plants has decided not to add more companies to our list of license holders for the varieties listed below.

Florexpo cuttings are also available in Europe at Florexpo Europe estabilised in Spain. Or at CNB and Darwin Plants, both estabilised in The Netherlands.


PLANTVARIETY (All varieties listed below are owned by Future Plants)
Campanula Emerald
Coreopsis Little Sundial
Euphatorium Snowball
Erodium Freedom
Eupathorium Baby Joe
Eupathorium Phantom
Geum Flames of Passion
Heuchera Hercules
Mellittis Royal Velvet Distinction
Monarda Cranberry Lace
Monarda Fireball
Monarda Pink Lace
Monarda Pink Supreme
Perovskia Little Spire
Persicaria Black Field 
Persicaria Fat Domino
Persicaria Orange Fields
Phygelius Cherry Ripe
Phygelius Passionata
Salvia Eveline
Salvia Pink Delight
Salvia Rapsody in Blue
Salvia Royal Crimson Distinction
Sedum Bronco
Sedum Coral Reef
Sedum Moonlight Serenade
Sedum Novem
Sedum Sunkissed
Sedum Picolette
Sedum Twinkle Star
Sedum Xenox
Sedum Yellow Xenox
Sedum Orange Xenox
Sedum Rainbow Xenox
Silene Rollies Favorite
Veronica Candied Candle
Veronica Eveline
Veronica Pink Eveline