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NameSedum Telephium 'Coral Reef'
Plant Patent USAPP # 21695
Plant Patent CANAF
Plant Patent EUEU 30464
Height Foliage
Height Flower41 cm
Area of spread26 cm
Color foliagebetween N186A and 203; venation, close to 187A
Color flowerClose to N155D towards the base close to 184B to 184C, color becomes closer to 186D to lighter than 186D with development
Shape flower
Flowering periodAugust to late October in the Netherlands
Continuous blooming
Soilwell drained compost
LocationSun or partial shade
Added valueAttractive white- colored flowers with greyed purple-colored centers
HardyUSDA Zone 5
Pot cultureIn a 1,5 to 2 ltr pot in well drained compost

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